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Grinding tools from ARCH ABRASIVE TOOLS use proper selection Diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride grains (CBN) adapted to reach Perfection Grinding Tasks from both aspects of Performance and Costs.
At ARCH ABRASIVE TOOLS we are using the mentality of OPEN COMMUNICATION AND PARTNERSHIP ATTITUDE aiming to reach and exceed our customers expectations.

Grinding Wheels For
Round Carbide And HSS Applications​

Resin and Hybrid bonded  matrix wheels, providing Flute and Cylinder optimized grinding results in terms of workpiece quality and machine productivity.
  • High material removal rate while keep/improve surface finish
  • consistent performance thru-out the wheel life
  • Extended interval between dressing .

Grinding Wheels For
Saw Blades & Knife Grinding Applications

Special diamond & Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) grits and bond matrix designed for production and re-sharpening of  Carbide Tipped Saw-Blade, HSS Saws, and Knife profiled elements mainly been used for the Wood Industry applications, Guarantees a finer edge finishing.
  • Consistent shape stability
  • High-precision cutting edge 
  • Enhanced wheel life.

Grinding Wheels For
Indexabl Carbide Inserts grinding Applications

Our Grinding wheels handles wide range of inserts materials, among others , Carbide, CBN, Cermet, and Ceramic for  variety of tool geometries. Designed to reduce production cycle times and  intervals between dressing. Enables high-precision peripheral and carbide insert grinding  well as regrinding of all indexable inserts. Provides Unique cutting edge quality and shape stability,

Tools For Grinding & Polishing
Precision Optics & Glass Applications

Arch Abrasive Tools provides the ULTIMATE  Tools Technology for precision processing of optics and precision glass,  Leads to significant machining time reductions. Our tools assortment includes Core Drills, Milling, Chamfer  tools, as well as Grinding and Lapping wheels for stock removal, fine grinding and polishing processes of most of the Optics, composite and exotics glass materials.

Precision Grinding & Dressing Wheels

Enhanced range of precision supper abrasives Grinding tools, Dressing, Polishing & Cut-Off wheels in various of bond systems, CBN, bonded CBN, Electro-Plated Resin and Metal Bond.

Enhanced range of
conventions abrasives Wheels

The unique Abrasive Grinding Wheels solution  for the automotive and aerospace industries turbo chargers, gear bearing, engine and other grinding applications

Our Profesional service

Customer Oriented

ARCH ABRASIVE TOOLS’s Team focus on customer needs.

 Our team is passion to provide products that enables repetitive consistency, high precision & performance for most of  the Grinding Applications.


Technical/Engineering Advice

Our Team Support and Advice you, with dedication and passion, from the first minute to help you optimizing your process

Customized Tools

ARCH ABRASIVE TOOLS provides the flexibility by having the Technology and the Knowledge to customize our tools.
That could enables you to optimize your grinding and cost efficiency

On-Site Participation

On-Site participation dusing wheels/tools evaluation enable us to to share our international technical expirience to reach the optimum performance results .


As additional service to our premium customer, we have the options to stock for you limited minimum quantity per wheels type to guarantee the Highest Service Quality and next day shipment.

our team is here for you

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