your ultimate vendor for diamond & cbn wheels that enables to extEnd grinding efficiency


ARCH ABRASIVE TOOLS  is your ultimate partner for highly precision grinding, polishing and dressing tools made of diamond and cubic boron nitride. and for conventional grinding tools made of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide…


ARCH ABRASIVE TOOLS provides Outstanding customer service based on open communication and  partnership attitude . Whatever challenge be, our Know-How help you to optimize your process  and reach the Optimum Grinding Efficiency

We supports our customers with on-site inventory, specification assistance, and product application know-how.


Unique Bond Matrix design for round carbide and HSS tools grinding enables Lower Power Consumption and Higher Feed Rates
Resin and Hybrid bonds solution, for carbide tipped, HSS and band saws grinding, guarantee longer wheel’s life with extended surface finishing
Optics Grinding
Fine grinding and polishing wheels that enables significant reduction of polishing time reaching ultra-fine finishing roughness
High-Precision peripheral and carbide insert manufactures using our wheels that enables Extended cutting edge quality and High Surface Finish.
Enhanced range of precision Diamond & C.B.N grinding, dressing and polishing wheels in various bond systems, Electro-Plated Resin and metal bond
Enhanced range of conventions abrasives, Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide, for High Precision Grinding


Resin Bond
Metal bond
Hybrid metal bond
Vitrified bond
Electroplated galvanic bond

HIGH PERFORMING Conventional Matrix

Aluminum Oxide
Silicon Carbide
Resin Bond
Vitrified Bond


ARCH ABRASIVE TOOLS Inc. | 3 Sturgers Road | Fairfield CT 06824

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